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Based out of Kansas City, this Bolivian writer, comedian, creator, and embellisher is known to his mother, and the world, as

Carlos chamon

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AJLLAHUASI is a fantasy adventure comic book based on Bolivia's ancient, pre-Incan history. The Ajllahuasi were once "chosen" as tributes by the Inca Empire to study and worship their gods centuries ago, but when Aracely Amaru -- once a an Ajllahuasi herself -- is accidentally brought back to life by an insidious treasure hunter in search of ancient power, it's up to her to stop him from taking control of Bolivia.

2019 - PRESENT

Delivery Consultant

Cerner Corporation

Consulted clients in the healthcare IT space on current upgrade implications, system changes, and maintenance throughout the project's life cycle, as well as completed or adapted solution and data configurations to meet client specifications.

Hey, it's no "Wolf of Wall Street", but that guy was a criminal anyways.


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Heroic Hollywood

In an era where nerd culture and pop culture are one and the same, Heroic Hollywood is a movie news website that focuses on delivering the latest scoops, updates, and announcements in the comic book film sphere straight to the fans. As a writer for the website, I was in charge of coming up with headlines conducive to SEO, by-lines, and copy for all my articles.

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Get in touch with me so we can collaborate on your next project!, (479)571-0106

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